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Safety Performance

Safety is our most important value at MMG and is expressed as “we think safety first.” Our objective is to have an injury-free workplace for
all employees and contractors.

To achieve a workplace of zero injuries, which we believe is possible, safety management must be a process of continuous improvement. Our approach to creating safe work is premised on improving the planning and execution of work by supervisors and frontline employees (both our employees and our contractors).

Critical to this is dedicated leadership time to support our people to work safely – we aim to have our line managers, superintendents and supervisors in the field for a minimum of two, four and six hours a day, respectively.

We believe that further reductions in injuries will be achieved through
additional support to our supervisors and frontline employees in their roles as they strive to achieve a safer workplace.

We plan to provide supervisors with coaching and training. We plan to train and coach our frontline employees in their role in identifying hazards and working to agreed plans and procedures.


Most significant information about our sustainability performance in 2015.