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Environmental Performance

Through the implementation of our Environmental Management Plan,
developed as part of our current Environmental Impact Statement, we manage our material environmental risks.

We manage our activities to meet all regulatory requirements and, where
possible, exceed those requirements by adopting best practices for our industry.

In 2015 there were no fines or sanctions for non-compliance with environmental legislation.

Water Management

We have an ongoing focus on the efficiency of our water consumption and our reuse of water. We regularly monitor the quantity and quality of the water we use and are particularly careful about using water sources meant for household consumption or that are needed in surrounding communities.

Las Bambas operates in the Ferrobamba microbasin, the main source of water during the construction stage. We have the necessary water use licences to source the water required for our operations.

We will recycle or reuse water from the mining-metallurgical process in the production process. 

In 2015, 18% of our water use requirements were met by reusing treated water from domestic effluents. This reused water is used mainly for dust control around the mine site. As shown in the table on the right, Total Water Withdrawal by Source, we minimise our freshwater withdrawal from groundwater and surface water sources by capturing rainfall and run-off. We did not discharge any process water in 2015 as it was all reused in our operations.